Making a difference for people

At TenCate Advanced Armour we ensure the survivability of the people working in hostile environments, and we know and respect how very important our product performance is. This is our greatest motivation. Many of our employees have a military background, and the dangers facing deployed personnel in conflict zones are well-known to us. We understand the environment in which our soldiers have to perform their jobs.

At TenCate Advanced Armor, we therefore fully understand the value of lighter and better protection, and we have made it our business to be leader in this field without ever accepting that excellent is good enough.

As weapon technologies evolve and become increasingly complex to protect against, we also have to develop the technologies to counter them. To this end we work closely with international organizations and individual users of our products, to anticipate new requirements and find effective ways of tackling new, unforeseen situations where protection is required.

Our global reach in support of protection requirements means that we have solutions for a wide range of platforms. Light, medium and heavy vehicles, maritime platforms, aircraft and personnel protection systems each present their own protection challenges and different theatres and operational requirements mean that protection level needs vary. For TenCate Advanced Armor, this means that we have become experts in customising every armor solution to the requirements and specifications posed by end-users, MoDs, OEMs, and system integrators. We have a strong global track record as a cost-effective, quality driven and highly reliable partner in complex large-scale projects. 

We provide lightweight armor solutions that make a difference.


People that make a difference

TenCate Advanced Armour is a flexible, highly focused working partner, staffed by outstanding technical experts in a wide range of specialist fields, including production technology, technical design and chemical engineering. 

These expert teams are backed by specialised export, communication and sales departments, and they all work closely with the customer to meet operator and user requirements as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

Close contact and effective dialogue with the customer are vital for achieving the best results. We therefore assign each customer a designated contact person, to ensure smooth, reliable communication and coordination at every stage. 

All our staff are trained to provide customers with the best possible access to our manufacturing capabilities, effective supply chain and state-of-the-art solutions.


Quality assurance

The TenCate Advanced Armor quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.    

Throughout the processes involved, each raw material, semifinished product and finished product is identified and monitored, ensuring that its history is fully documented – and is therefore traceable.

The TenCate Advanced Armor Quality Assurance System extends through all aspects of contract compliance monitoring, including design, product development, purchase, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, packing, shipping and storage. 

All supplies and services procured or performed are inspected to make sure they comply with the applicable contractual and regulatory requirements. 

TenCate Advanced Armor operates three manufacturing facilities – in Primarette, France, in Swindon in the UK, and in Vissenbjerg, Denmark – each with its own quality certificate and quality manager. In order to ensure the best possible quality – and the most consistent – the different plants merge their quality management systems whenever appropriate. 

Environmental responsibility

TenCate Advanced Armor aims to behave responsibly towards employees, customers, partners and the environment. The materials used in product manufacture, and the final products themselves, are environmentally responsible and selected for their ability to be recycled responsibly.

International Standards

TenCate Advanced Armor ballistic protection solutions meet international standards and requirements that include the NIJ PSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and EN standards, as well as NATO STANAG. They also comply with specific customer demands within the same ranges of protection.