Quality assurance

The TenCate Advanced Armor quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO9001 & EN/AS9100    

Throughout the processes involved, each raw material, semifinished product and finished product is identified and monitored, ensuring that its history is fully documented – and is therefore traceable.

The TenCate Advanced Armor Quality Assurance System extends through all aspects of contract compliance monitoring, including design, product development, purchase, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, packing, shipping and storage. 

All supplies and services procured or performed are inspected to make sure they comply with the applicable contractual and regulatory requirements. 

TenCate Advanced Armor operates three manufacturing facilities – in Primarette, France, in Hebron, Ohio, USA, and in Vissenbjerg, Denmark – each with its own quality certificate and quality manager. In order to ensure the best possible quality – and the most consistent – the different plants merge their quality management systems whenever appropriate.