Modular floors

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide innovative solutions for internal aircraft floors that holds an anti-ballistic capability. The flooring systems are modular, easy to install with the use of QR-skewers, and lightweight. The modular design of the solution enable the design platform to suit a wide range of aircraft and allows for easy maintenance.

Flooring systems can be integrated into the original design in collaboration with the original equipment manufacturer or be integrated into existing designs as a retro-fit application. TenCate Advanced Armor has provided retro-fitted modular, anti-ballistic floors to a wide range of common platforms globally, and can build floor systems on short notice.

Modular systems

Protection systems for the cabin and cargo area of the aircraft are designed to be modular, easy to install and dismantle, and to be able to withstand ballistic impacts, vibration, shock, UV radiation, chemicals, and fire. Modular armour solutions can be provided for other parts of the aircraft with the use of complex 3D, one-piece solutions.

Side doors and ramps can be integrated into the overall design of the flooring system to provide increased protection. Special structural armour solutions are applied to ensure lightweight door and ramp components with excellent anti-ballistic capabilities.