Retro-fit applications

TenCate Advanced Armor has acquired a wide experience in retro-fit solutions for aircraft stretching over fixed-wing heavy transport aircraft to rotary-wing reconnaissance aircraft. Retro-fit solutions can be used to modernize whole fleets or specialize individual aircraft to mission-specific operations. TenCate Advanced Armor can offer cost-efficient solutions to solve both problems.

TenCate Advanced Armor staffs utilize the experience of the company to ensure customers with an individualized system that performs proficiently in accordance with customer demands. All systems and solutions are developed and manufactured in accordance with aerospace industry standards. TenCate Advanced Armor can also arrange for airworthiness certificates and other essential processes relating to aerospace equipment manufacturing and integration. The global presence and network of TenCate Advanced Armor means that design and integration support can be provided in the place of the customers choosing.


TenCate Advanced Armor can deliver several solutions as Kit-Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) solutions for popular aircraft platforms, ensuring customers a significantly decreased delivery time. Retro-fit solutions are designed to be mounted without significant change to the original aircraft and without impairing the original protection level. TenCate Advanced Armor makes use of several techniques to mount the armour solution inside the aircraft securely while retaining high level of modularity.

TenCate Advanced Armor solutions are designed with aircraft operability in mind which decreases impact on airworthiness and overall system performance. Protection solutions can be designed for cockpit, cabin, ramps, etc. with special attention to mission-critical areas.