Composite hatches and doors

TenCate Advanced Armor provides cutting-edge, lightweight 3D components for military vehicles. 3D composite structural armor solutions are used for special areas such hatches, doors and bonnets where weight is an obstacle to mobility. The 3D composite structural armor design provided by TenCate Advanced Armor retains or increases the level of protection for the vehicle.

Special 3D composite structural armor solutions utilize the experience TenCate Advanced Armor holds in material science to provide end-users with extreme lightweight components to match any conventional threat.

OEM design integration and retro-fit

Special components are available according to customer demands with regards to design, level of integration, level of protection, and weight. For extreme mobility for lightweight vehicles, TenCate Advanced Armor can supply fiber-based solutions to provide protection against small caliber ammunition. For heavier military vehicles, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide composite solutions with special ceramics to counter the specific threats encountered on the battlefield.

TenCate Advanced Armor is in constant dialogue with vehicle manufacturers to provide lighter components to end-users with full systems integration to retain the highest level of mobility and survivability. For retro-fit applications, TenCate Advanced Armor and its experienced staff of engineers can supply end-users with a high level of competence to acquire the full potential of the solutions.