TenCate Advanced Armour is an experienced naval support partner for engineering tasks for naval vessels. Our services can cover the hard ballistic and survivability related tasks related to developing, designing, integrating, and installing the protection solution on the vessel among others.

The engineering services is an integral part of the service TenCate Advanced Armour offers for survivability solutions. The engineering tasks can also be provider for only parts of the project or to cover individual tasks. Independent tasks such as 3D measurement and digital templating of individual ships can be executed quickly and efficiently with limited interference in the building process.

The TenCate Tactical Center (TTC) can perform detailed studies to review and advise on specific threat scenarios in a vulnerable analysis that uncovers the ballistic weakness points to address as well as advise on system impact from survivability solutions. Furthermore, the TTC can proceed to adjust, consult, and certify or re-certify survivability solutions in accordance with a specification.

Wider support can also be acquired from TenCate Advanced Armour, where we can support the shipyard by managing the complete survivability aspect of the programme, by assisting the shipyard with all steps in the survivability process. This includes liaison with government offices, independent certification organisations, and sub-suppliers.

In this function, TenCate Advanced Armour can allocate a dedicated Survivability Manager and a team to support the shipyard. The team will integrate with the shipyard and adjust to its requirements in terms of deliveries, reporting, and project execution. The scope of services also includes manual tasks and processes on the shipyard itself such as installation of the protection solutions.

TenCate Advanced Armour can function as your extended engineering capability for a wide range of tasks. Over decades we have acquired a wide experience with direct on-site support of our customers for a wide range of survivability and non-survivability related engineering tasks.