Hull protection

The hull of the ship is its outer skin. We have developed a wide range of anti-ballistic solutions that can work in combination with the hull to develop it into a ballistic barrier for the most recurrent kinetic threats. The protection system can be designed to be added externally on the ship hull as a stand-alone application to protect the hull itself or internally behind the face of the hull to work in conjunction with the protective capability of the hull itself.

Composite protection solutions are significantly lighter than conventional steel solutions which enable the ship to gain higher maneuverability, higher speed, and lower maintenance cost over time.

Our protection system mounted on the interior of the hull are designed to integrate seamlessly with the native structures of the ship. The ship hull is used as the strikeface of the armour solution and we contribute different materials compositions on the interior to increase the hardness of the strikeface and to create a spall collecting layer.

The panel kits can be designed to cover as much area per panel or to create a modular pattern of panels. The requirement for the shape is an essential end-user requirement. The protection solution is developed to conform to any native features or essential equipment in the hull. Hull ribs, pipes, and wires can all be accounted for and designed around.

The specific templates are designed around a comprehensive 3D scan of the vessel. This measurement enables us to very precisely integrate the protection solutions and to respect all existing structures. The capability to precisely measure the ship hull is essential to obtain a protection coverage of more than 90%.

The use of interior systems enables us to keep the external appearance of the ship intact if a more civilian appearance is required or if radar signature is essential.

The protection solutions available for ship hulls are available NATO STANAG 4569 levels 1-5, or any other ballistic certification system required. The solutions can also be tailored to the user’s requirements for specific threats or to include different blast and RPG protections.

Windows and hatches can be designed to complement the ballistic protection kit for the vessel hull and bring the level of protection up to the required level. TenCate Advanced Armour can manage the integration process by sourcing and certifying the complete solution for the shipyard.