Smallcraft survivability

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide customized lightweight protection solutions specially for use in small crafts. Small craft survivability solutions are used to ensure a high degree of protection on board, especially in critical areas, such as cockpit. Small craft survivability systems are developed to facilitate the small crafts’ inherent feature as fast light vessels, by adding the least weight possible to the small craft.

Small craft survivability systems are designed and customized to tackle individual project specifications, so that it fits into specific requirements with regards to protection level, overall system performance, and overall system weight. TenCate Advanced Armor can provide survivability engineering services for integration of survivability solutions on small craft.

Versatile protection

Protection solutions from TenCate Advanced Armor consist of rubberised aramid, high-performance polyethylene, ceramics and special metals. These materials play a vital part in the high multi-hit capability of this system, resulting in an exceptional degree of protection. TenCate Advanced Armor can also provide a special coating that negates the degradation of the anti-ballistic panels and components after exposure to saltwater, fluids, acids, and other corrosive substances. The coating also protects the panels and components against shocks and vibration.